FEEL by Jeffry Lim

// November 19th, 2010 // Places

FEEL – A photography exhibition by Jeffry Lim shares his 15 years of photo journey through his walks of life. The definition of FEEL stands for Freedom to Express Essences of Love.

The exhibition is held at Bangsar Shopping Centre from 12th to 19th November. Special guided tour & sharing session by Jeffry Lim are held daily at selected time slot.

It has been some time that I followed Jeffry’s works and what better way to appreciate his masterpiece but by attending the guided tour & sharing session itself.

Jeffry Lim, age 31 and born in Kuantan have been a professional photographer for eight years. Jeffry have traveled to many countries due to the nature of his work.

It was a remarkable journey for me attending the guided tour & sharing session as Jeffry brought us around the exhibition to share his stories and experience on some of his personal favorite pictures.

Every picture tells a story. A touch of life in its ups & downs. It is not about the gadget used or the impressive skills. It is about capturing the moment of life in a single click, a picture taken from the heart. I guess this would be the basic to the essences of love.

Through the tour, I have learnt to see things from another perspective. Especially in the perspective of life. It was a tour that I personally felt the touch of every picture.

My sincere thanks to Jeffry for allowing me to photograph the guided tour & sharing session in the exhibition, and for sharing his art works to the public as I believe the FEEL Exhibition has touched many.

May the FEEL Exhibition continues to live on in countries to come. More details of Jeffry Lim and the FEEL Exhibition is found at his website below:

Jeffry Lim | Visual Story Teller

FEEL Exhibition by Jeffry Lim

4 Responses to “FEEL by Jeffry Lim”

  1. Dennis Lee says:

    Great pictures, both yours and his.

    Too bad I missed it :(

  2. Ted says:

    Thanks, and you can still make it today :) It’s the last day, 19th Nov.

  3. Richie says:

    I can FEEL it.

  4. Ted says:

    sorry for the late approval and reply Rich, and mua forgot to wish you Happy Belated Birthday. Was stuck at the north pole helpin out Santa on his cargos. :)