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// March 17th, 2011 // Review

StyleKandi: A newborn Malaysia website from Antics Media Sdn Bhd and also the largest project to date was announced on 16 March 2011.

Before that, I came across StyleKandi via some website and it was then I thought to myself that I want to share more information regarding the website not simply because it looks sweet like candy, but also promising.

A week ago, I received an invitation to the exclusive press sneak preview of StyleKandi from Johnny Mayo, a staff of Antics Media Sdn Bhd. Getting all excited to know more, I attended the media event that was held at the Asian Heritage  Row.

The event started with performance from a local artist before moving on to the topic that everyone is craving for.

So what is StyleKandi?

First of all, StyleKandi’s aim to to become the top Malaysian Social Platform for users to ignite trends or share style & fashion tips with one another. The site will also profoundly promote related blog content from around the region to become an almanac for all things stylish and new.

As for the tagline ‘Collective Inspiration’, it serves as an all-encompassing summary of the project, encouraging people to inspire and be inspired alike.

The main event came in when Mark Wills present the beta platform of StyleKandi with elaboration on how it works.

StyleKandi is a platform that allows users to discover new trends and fashion. Users can upload their blog posts, share their pictures, post their Flickr photos or even synchronize from their preferred social networking sites to share with the community instantly.

Whether you’re a designer, blogger, or just someone proud of your new sneakers, users are able to watch as their style catches fire and inspires the community.

With StyleKandi, users are firmly in control. Bloggers can extend their influence and gain greater exposure  by linking their blog to StyleKandi, and everyone can share their ideas and inspiration with people around the world.

StyleKandi uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine how cool a post or look is. Users can show their love for a certain style, and the community will eventually determine its popularity.

Next up, an inspirational fashion show by StyleKandi in collaboration with Quiksilver and Roxy as the audiences watches the latest trend and style.

StyleKandi expected to launch its Beta Phase by the second quarter of 2011 along with mobile apps for both iPhone and Android users while is expected to reach all of Asia by year end.

Thanks to StyleKandi, I managed to get an early access to the platform. Here are some screenshots of StyleKandi Beta Phase.

Home Screen I

Upload Screen

Home Screen II

Ted’s early access

It’s time for me to discover StyleKandi and have some inspirational fun. Meanwhile you may want to watch the video for more information.

2 Responses to “StyleKandi – Collective Inspiration”

  1. Dennis Lee says:

    Looks promising indeed… can’t wait for it to be launced…

  2. Ted says:

    yeah agreed, and I’m sure you’ll have fun soon 😉