espresSOUP delight @ BSC

// May 21st, 2011 // Food

espresSOUP delight : The 9th outlet of espresSOUP is officially open at Bangsar Shopping Centre.

The 9th outlet, is an establishment of espresSOUP whereby it is a premier outlet. Apart from serving soup, this premier outlet has additional item added to their menu for exclusivity not to mention that they serve new premium soup.

Some of the customers were being interviewed about their thoughts and opinion on this newly found premier outlet and the trend of soup drinking.

Mark Tan, the founder of espresSOUP also shared his success stories and his future plan on the strategy of the company.

If you love soup and have not tried nor heard of the soup drinking trend, do yourself a favor and visit espresSOUP today for a soupy taste experience.

It’s about Quality

espresSOUP delight
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Level 3 Lot TK1
285 Jalan Maarof
Bukit Bandaraya
59000 Kuala Lumpur

2 Responses to “espresSOUP delight @ BSC”

  1. eric says:

    hi! i just had my dinner at your new outlet in kepong village mall tesco 31-5-2011 at 19.05pm and this is the first time for me to espressoup and had order a plate of pasta with creammy mushroom.To my surprise the portion was so small and moreover the button mushroom was also a little and this kind of portion is not what i expected for the price that i paid for. THis kind of portion is more suitable for a kid not for adult. this kind of portion is more toward a light breakfast n tea-time only. if for lunch and dinner it is not suitable not full at all what a joke and what espressoup target customer is??? if espressoup is only targeting in this kind of category of customer then it is find??? if espressoup is not targeting this two category then surely you need to improve on the portioning of your pasta.feel very dissappointed with it and maybe this is the last time i will walk into espressoup if thing never improved.This comment is just want espressoup to aware of it interm to stay compatitive in F&B market to become a better place for everyone TO enjoy the food n drink of all the outlet.buck up guy n gal choose to be better not just good ya.

  2. Mark Tan says:

    Hi Eric,

    Many thanks for your feedback. Definitely look into your unusual experience …though espresSOUP is introduce “Light” menu, all portion has been carefully fixed (weighted) to ensure customer satisfaction & standardization across our outlets. I will personally visit the outlet today, to ensure all are in order !
    Please drop me a mail, , let me know your next visit, on the house lunch or dinner from me for you & your family….founder, Mark