Limkokwing University’s Creativity in Motion: Botswana at London Fashion Week 2012

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Limkokwing Makes Botswana Fashion History in London

There is nothing like the buzz of fashion week, the few days where fashionistas, stylists, buyers, designers and models are rushing around in the highest of heels, big bouncy hair, and the clinking of jewellery.

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, in Collaboration with the Botswana High Commission UK is hosting a fashion show organised by the British Fashion Council, as part of London Fashion Week A/W 2012, in the International Fashion Showcase Emerging Talent Award 2012.

Known as trendsetters with a habit of pushing the limits against the conventional in fashion, Limkokwing is the first Malaysian, and first Botswana University to showcase at London Fashion Week. The showcase will also be held at the Limkokwing London university campus, the first Malaysian, first Asian and first Commonwealth university campus in the UK.

Representing Botswana, the ‘Gem of Africa’ are: Thato Tlhagwane, Botho Chalebgwa, Beryl Phala, Black Trash and Sela Motshwane.

This will be the first time a full presentation by Batswana designers is showcased on the world stage, and Limkokwing is proud to be creative partner in such a significant event.

Bringing together the best of 3 continents, in a way only Limkokwing can, Limkokwing University will also be showcasing a collection from Kuala Lumpur featuring work by students from Malaysia, Iran, Korea, Indonesia, India and others especially chosen to reflect the East’s ethnic heritage, right in the heart of London.

Called ‘Creativity in Motion: Botswana at London Fashion Week’, the show will be a spectacle never seen before. According to the Associate Vice President Talent Development of Limkokwing University, Dato’ Tiffanee Lim, “it’s exciting to be part of something that is ground-breaking. I’m proud of our students and of both Botswana and Malaysia for coming so far. to be the first university at London fashion week to participate in this way is something we’ll treasure. But it also reminds us how far there is to go and now this is done we can’t help but want more! Hopefully this will be an indication of what more is to come for the university globally, and i hope this will inspire others to push themselves to get to where they need to go.”

Limkokwing University is Botswana’s leading creative university and the only private university with 10,000 students enrolled in their range of innovative programmes.


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