SCB Marathon 2009

// December 13th, 2009 // Journal

The Standard Chartered Marathon is being held yearly for the past five years after ceasing their sponsorship to” The Greatest Race on Earth”

This year, the SCB Marathon KL was held on June 28 at the Dataran Merdeka.  Run Your Own Race was the slogan used in SCB Marathon. With that, it tempted me to sign up and start running for my own cause. Dennis and Sophea signed up for the KL Marathon as well.

Didn’t train much for the marathon even though I frequent to the gym. Probably it’s because I prefer lifting weights than to cardiology. The day finally came and I’m pretty content as I did well without much training.

Results for SCB KL Marathon 2009:

Net Start: 06:59:17
Net Time: 01:15:52
Finish Time: 01:17:04

SCB KL Marathon SCB KL Marathon 09 II

Running a marathon is addictive. Once you start running, you just can’t stop. It was only a short while after completing KL Marathon where I found out that the SCB Singapore Marathon is coming. It hyped me up and without hesitation, I signed up for Singapore Marathon with my usual buddies; Dennis & Sophea.

We were pretty excited about the trip to Singapore for the marathon as we have never run anywhere outside Malaysia. Initially, the main point for going to Singapore was for marathon. Somehow the main objective changed to photography. That happened after we got ourselves a DSLR. Being a couch potato; yes you guess it right again, I didn’t train much at all for the Singapore Marathon.

The SCB Singapore Marathon was held on December 6 at the Esplanade Drive and back of our mind, we were actually thinking of places to shoot in Singapore rather than concentrating on the marathon that we signed ages ago.

Results for SCB S’pore Marathon 2009:

Gun Start Time: 07:44:55
Chip Start Time: 07:46:37
Chip Finish Time: 01:14:53
Finish Time: 01:16:35

SCB Spore Marathon 09 ISCB Spore Marathon 09 II

Earlier as I was checking my KL Marathon results for this post, I found out that the KL Marathon 2010 is here and will be open for registration in January 2010.

I’m definitely signing up again and will you?

4 Responses to “SCB Marathon 2009”

  1. Dennis Lee says:

    KL Marathon 2010???!!! Really???!!! Hmmm… definitely will go… 21km???

  2. kopiais says:

    go for half marathon XD~ woot~~ woot~~

  3. Ted says:

    Hey Guys, yeah we’ll do 21KM, split into 2 marathons, KL & S’pore :)

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